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Hello dear Guest, Thank you so much for your interest!

I am the founder of TDestinations Travel, and it would be my honor to host you during your travel with us.
Briefly about me, back in 2011 I have started my career in Tourism and Hospitality. Italy, Germany, Switzerland, and finally Dubai since 2015 used to be my places of residence for studies, work, volunteering.
Representing different brands and following various corporate cultures; working with multiple nationalities and fulfilling numerous travel requests throughout these years gave me tremendous experience and expertise in travel industry that I am happily sharing with my team.
After all the acquired experience I’ve decided to start my own project – Tdestinations Travel – a company that will care for each and every guest. TDestinations Travel is a trusted source of ready travel packages.

Send us your individual inquiry; a lot of our worldwide travel offers are listed in our offline database.

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TDestinations Travel is an official registered travel company that offers a variety of packaged tours; we care for our guests.
We have got individual approach to each and every request, whether you are a single traveler or traveling with your friends & family or you have a corporate inquiry.

Do your travel plans differ from what you see on our website? Forward us your individual travel inquiry.
Apart from listed tours on our website TDestinations Travel offers numerous packaged holidays to Europe, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Georgia, Maldives, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Turkey, Mexico.

TDestinations Travel is a Trusted, Trendy, Thrilling, Tolerant Travel. What does T mean for you?

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